Our Equipment

We Have What It Takes

With 50+ pieces of heavy equipment, we bring efficiency, safety, reliability, and speed to every project.

Clearview has invested heavily in new equipment with advanced capabilities. With equipment from Link-Belt, Volvo, and LaBounty, we have the ability to work faster, safer, and more efficiently than any competitor. When we are finished, we'll leave the land cleared, level, and ready for your next big project. All our equipment is operated by our trained, skilled, and safety-conscious operators. We have a high standard for equipment maintenance that allows us to quickly mobilize for any project, and ensures our machines are always operating at full capacity.


We own a fleet of excavators that range from compact units to large crawler excavators, allowing us to meet the requirements for projects of any size. Our largest excavator has a bucket capacity of 3.3 cubic metres, and an operating weight of 53,300 kg.

Our modern construction equipment allows for increased productivity, uptime, and fuel efficiency. This translates into value for our clients. Our equipment operators also appreciate the comfort, safety and capabilities of these machines, ensuring we can retain the best employees for the job. Our excavator range includes: 40 mini, 58 mini, 220, 250, 300, 330, 350, 380, 480, 460 high reach.

High-Reach Excavators

The 90-foot arm on our high-reach excavators ensure controlled but powerful deconstruction. These machines are built to ensure maximum safety in all demolition applications. A sturdy frame and cab offer ultimate protection against the falling debris that is common in demolition projects, and a wide, clear view of the jobsite provides excellent visibility for enhanced safety.

Mobile Shears

LaBounty Scrap and Demolition Mobile Shears are the world's leading excavator shears, engineered to maximize performance, longevity, and safety with significantly reduced maintenance time. With its 360-degree rotation, these shear blades offer easy operation and precise handling on even the most complicated projects.

Concrete Processing Equipment

Our Terex Pegson Jaw Crushers turn concrete debris into >3”, such as gravel & clean fill. They are renowned for their capabilities in the reduction and sizing of aggregates for construction materials and also recycling construction waste. Terex Jaw Crushers are designed to meet the toughest demands of primary crushing applications with their impressive power, reliability, and proven performance.

Articulated Rock Trucks

We use articulated rock trucks to efficiently transport aggregate, waste, or any other material across the jobsite. Compared to rigid-frame dump trucks, articulated rock truck frames will not twist, and are able to transport heavy loads over rough terrain or paved roads. And with tighter turning radiuses, articulated rock trucks are ideal for maneuvering around demolition sites.

Skid Steers

The skid steer is one of the most versatile machines on any demolition site, with the ability to quickly and easily swap out a wide range of attachments to perform different tasks. Their small size and weight allow them to move easily through confined spaces and narrowed areas.

Tractor Trailers

We round out our equipment fleet with the Peterbilt tractor, another best-in-class brand. We have the ability to equip low-bed/booster/jeep for transporting our equipment to site, or with a 90-yard demo bin for direct transport of salvage or waste materials.

Service Trucks

Our fleet of service trucks allow us to provide critical service and repair to any of our heavy machinery onsite. Our service trucks operate as mobile workshops, each equipped with a full inventory of common parts, components, and fluids. This allows us to service our equipment quickly and efficiently, reducing equipment downtime to keep productivity on schedule.