Our Projects

We've conducted a full range of demolition operations across Western Canada in almost every conceivable scenario, including:

  • A beached barge in English Bay.
  • The Tulameen River.
  • The Port of Vancouver.
  • Amusement parks and thrill rides.
  • Wastewater treatment plants.
  • A 37-unit housing complex under heavy media coverage.
  • 7 mixed-use towers in busy downtown New Westminster.
  • 2 pulp mills simultaneously (both of BC’s biggest active demo projects at the time).
  • Abatement of a school in Inuvik throughout the winter.

Amusement Park – Vancouver BC

Demolition of various thrill rides This project involved dismantling and recycling various thrill rides and attractions to make room for new rides. What a thrill it was, working in tight quarters and challenging the laws..

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Barge Chillin’ – Vancouver BC

Partial demolition of a beached barge Clearview was asked to assist the general contractor with an excavator & shear to dismantle the stranded barge in English Bay.  Our machine had to be loaded from one..

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Centerm Expansion Project – Vancouver, BC

Hazardous Materials Abatement and Demolition For this project, we completed the demolition of the former Ballantyne Pier buildings, several outbuildings, and the Heatley Road Overpass as part of the Port of Vancouver’s Centerm Expansion Project...

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Glover Road Overpass – Langley, BC

Demolition of Overpass (Infrastructure) Here, we assisted the general contractor with the demolition of a two-lane overpass crossing the heavily active TransCanada Hwy# 1. The initial deconstruction was completed over 2 nights and involved staging..

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Hammond Mill – Maple Ridge, BC

Hazardous Materials Abatement, Demolition and Salvage  This project consisted of demolition and abatement of the former Hammond Mill. The mill was first built in 1910 and was the first in Canada to hire women as..

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Pulp Mill – Port Alice, BC

Hazardous Materials Abatement, Demolition and Salvage This project included the demolition of various aspects of a decommissioned specialty cellulose pulp mill in multiple phases. This included the disposal of bunker C oil, the demolition of..

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