Our Projects

We've conducted a full range of demolition operations across Western Canada in almost every conceivable scenario, including:

  • Waste-water treatment plants.
  • A 37-unit housing complex under heavy media coverage.
  • 7 mixed-use towers in busy downtown New Westminster.
  • A floating marina.
  • 2 pulp mills simultaneously (both of BC’s biggest active demo projects at the time).
  • Abatement of a school in Inuvik throughout the winter.
  • 12 houses which had been used as artistic medium (which included indoor slides, sandy beach floors, and rope bridges); taken down in the midst of the worst flooding Alberta had seen in decades.

Merritt Sawmill

This project consisted of the demolition, salvage, and recycling of steel, wood, and concrete, at a former sawmill site in Merritt, BC. This project took several months of careful planning, to ensure specific components could..

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Corkscrew Roller Coaster

This project consisted of the demolition, salvage, and steel recycling of the Corkscrew roller coaster at Playland amusement park in Vancouver, BC. At a total track length spanning 2,400 feet and at a height reaching..

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Old Mountain Highway Overpass

This project consisted of the demolition and concrete recycling of the Old Mountain Highway Overpass in North Vancouver, as part of the Highway 1 Lower Lynn Improvement Project. The work involved closing a section of..

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Skeena Pulp Mill

This project consisted of the demolition and hazardous material abatement of the former Skeena Pulp Mill in Prince Rupert, B.C. and was the largest demolition project in the Province at the time (completed simultaneously with..

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