Vancouver, BC

Downtown Commercial Tower and Concrete Parking Structure

Project Details

This project consists of the hazardous material abatement and demolition of a 7 storey precast concrete parking structure and a 12 storey commercial office tower in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

The entire site was cleared to ground level with the use of mini-excavators, which were carefully hoisted to the top level, and methodically picked away at the concrete as they backed themselves down to the next level. We had to be extremely careful to ensure nothing fell out onto the busy sidewalks below this high-traffic area of downtown Vancouver.

This high-profile project will also incorporate the use of our high-reach excavator, a 200-tonne crane, and over 15,000 hours of labour. Once complete, we will have generated 5,000 cubic metres of concrete to be recycled off-site.


Vancouver, BC

Scope of Work:

Commercial Deconstruction,
Hazmat Abatement,
Concrete Recycling

Machinery Used:

High-Reach Excavator,
Skid Steers,

Amount Recycled:

5,000 cubic metres of concrete

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