Merritt, BC

Merritt Sawmill

Project Details

This project consisted of the demolition, salvage, and recycling of steel, wood, and concrete, at a former sawmill site in Merritt, BC.

This project took several months of careful planning, to ensure specific components could be safely salvaged and reclaimed for use in other industrial mill facilities. Already having completed several large-scale industrial mill demolition projects, including Skeena Pulp Mill and Elk Falls Pulp Mill, the entire Clearview team demonstrated their commitment to safety, recording zero safety incidents on site.

In total, we successfully salvaged and recycled over 3,000 tonnes of non-ferrous metals, including copper and aluminum. In addition, several tonnes of wood were sorted and ground up, to be recycled at the nearby biofuel facility to generate clean electricity for BC Hydro.


Merritt, BC

Scope of Work:


Machinery Used:

Rock Truck,
Mobile Shears

Amount Recycled:

3,000+ tonnes of steel

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Watch: Merritt Sawmill Demolition & Salvage