Surrey, BC

Western Cleanwood

Project Details

In September 2021, Western Cleanwood submitted an application to demolish all buildings (except for an electrical utility shed) at the Western Cleanwood site. Located at 9815 Robson Road, Surrey, British Columbia on federal lands managed by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.

Project Scope

Included in Clearview Demolition’s scope of work relating to this project was the demolition and removal from site all outbuildings including support elements, protective structures, office building structure in whole including storage tanks, all items down to grade (excluding three horizontal pressure vessel runs and hydro shed, leaving all grade surface coverings and grade crevices).

Activity Schedule
  • Abatement strip-out of existing hazardous materials and general waste building materials (Duration: 60 Days).
  • Demolition of the structure and enclosed tanks utilizing heavy equipment (Duration: 40 Days).
  • Transfer demolished material and debris to work zone loading location and truck out materials bound for off- site receiving (Duration: to run concurrently with demolition).